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How to apply to courses

In order to apply for an event, there are a few steps/rules that you have to follow:
  1. Who can apply?
    1. All the students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  2. A student can apply to:
    1. A maximum of 3 BEST Courses or/and Seasonal BEST Engineering Competitions every  season;
    2. A maximum of 3 Leisure Events or Events on Education.
  3. A student can attend:
    1. A maximum of 3 BEST Courses or/and Seasonal BEST Engineering Competitions during your period of studies;
    2. A maximum of 2 BEST Courses or/and Seasonal BEST Engineering Competitions on summer seasons;
    3. A maximum of 1 BEST Course or Seasonal BEST Engineering Competition per single season;
    4. Any number of Leisure Events and Events on Education.
  4. An application consists of:
    1. An application form with general personal information of the participant.
    2. A motivation letter.
    3. A list of studies appropriate for the event.
  5. What do I have to do?
    1. Go to the list of events, choose the event you want to apply to and click apply link.
    2. Enter your email address and your password if you are not already logged in.
      1. If you do not yet have an account, register here. After entering the applications, contact Local BEST Group Thessaloniki [email or link to contact] and ask them to validate your account.
    3. Enter your applications.
      1. How do I write a motivation letter?
      2. IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very likely that you when you submit your application you will get the message: “Your account is not activated for this season – you can apply now but your application will not be visible to the event organisers until your account is activated by your local BEST Group Thessaloniki. ” That DOES NOT mean that there is problem with you account or application! BEST Thessaloniki just needs to verify that you are still a student of Aristotle University and will then validate your account.
    4. Read the Never Alone Guide (download pdf version)
    5. Pay the deposit if you were accepted to one of the events.
      1. To do this you need to contact BEST Thessaloniki and arrange a meeting. You will get this money back when you’ve succesfuly participated to the event.
    6. Arrange everything for your travel to the event.
    7. Participate in the event (actively following the program prepared by the organisers).
    8. Pay the fee if there is any.
    9. Evaluate the event (after participating in it) – you will need to login on this website to do it.

Good luck with your application! In case of troubles, please contact us.

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